Many thanks for launching the first Spark Club with us!

speed networking

The first ever Spark Club was a success!  Many thanks to all who made it out on a chilly October evening.  Over and over we heard “It’s like we’re speaking the same language” and “When is the next one?” That’s a good sign.

Artist Kevin Obregon said it best “I just spent an AWESOME evening at the very first Spark Club gathering in Oak Cliff. Are you kidding me?! A room full of social entrepreneurs, small business owners and non-profits – ALL with consciences and the means and heart to enact change and social goodness! Can’t wait for the next gathering! First rule of Spark Club: Talk about Spark Club.

More commentary later but for now, follow us on twitter and look for another event in a month or so.  We hope to host these on a monthly basis and perhaps popcorn around town highlighting the work of each other.  Videos, interviews, and more photos to come.  Stay tuned.  And again, thanks for your interest!         -Sarah Jane


2 thoughts on “Many thanks for launching the first Spark Club with us!

  1. alvaro garza says:

    Can’t wait to SPARK it up again! Thank you for offering a space to create, motivate and share ideas. A most excellent event!

    Sparkers Unite!

  2. Ajay Waghray says:

    This was the first one?! So awesome.

    Looking forward to the next one at CoHabitat!

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