Lineup of Speakers for the 12/3 meeting

We are very excited to announce the lineup of speakers for the second Spark Club meeting Thursday December 3 at CoHabitat. The speakers have been chosen because they can speak about social entrepreneurship, innovation or how they have worked to bring about change in their community. Our speakers will be Tyler Sharp, Julie McCullough-Kim and Salah Boukadoum. Read on for their bios.

Tyler Sharp

Tyler during a recent trip to Pakistan

Tyler Sharp

Tyler Sharp is a photographer, writer and videographer. After studying photography & video in Los Angeles, he left for Africa and since has travelled extensively shooting photo essays, writing stories and filming for various TV shows and organizations.

His work has been shown in Los Angeles, Dallas and Houston. When Tyler is not travelling on assignment, he lives in Dallas Tx. His photographic sketchbook can be found on Flickr.

Tyler is currently working on to help stroke survivors create a network of peers and find a place to learn how to get active.


Julie McCullough Kim

Julie is the owner of The Make Shop

Julie McCullough Kim

Julie McCullough Kim, a self-taught designer, created the Enju Store. She is also the founder and shop-gal of Make Shop * Studio and the Urban Street Bazaar as well as co-founder and executive producer of The Pin Show (PINS LLC), an independent fashion event in Dallas, TX.

Julie’s mission is to bring affordable design to the masses without sacrificing quality or ethics, all the while impacting our local economy. Through her other efforts she hopes to assist other independent fashion designers to pursue these same practices.


Salah Boukadoum

Salah is a serial entrepreneur now running Soap Hope

Salah Boukadoum

Dallas-based Salah Boukadoum has launched and sold a series of businesses during his 15-year career as an entrepreneur.  Most recently he was CEO of Atrana Solutions, a 60-person technology venture, until its sale in 2005 to a publicly traded corporation. Salah’s current social venture, Soap Hope, is a for-profit Internet retailer with a deeply integrated anti-poverty mission, including investment of 100% of its profits into sustainable microfinance programs. Prior to founding his first company, Salah was an internationally-touring classical pianist; his experiences as he traveled in Africa sparked a lifelong interest in tackling the issue of poverty.  Salah’s current personal mission is to recruit 1,000 businesses to emulate Soap Hope’s social business model, called Good Returns, to create dramatic positive change in our world.

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