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Happy New Year!

RSVP now for the next meeting on January 21, 2010 at Reunion Tower from 7:00 – 9:30.

The meeting is our third networking event for those interested in social innovation and entrepreneurship. The group forming is a great mix of artists, social entrepreneurs, and individuals interested in learning how to create positive change in our community through socially minded businesses, innovative nonprofits and cutting edge technology.

At this meeting we will have two speakers,  Sarah Jane Semrad and Craig Keaton.

Sarah Jane Semrad co-founder La Reunion Texas

Sarah Jane Semrad of La Reunion Texas

Sarah Jane Semrad

…is a social entrepreneur who sits at the confluence of art and community impact with a long list of entrepreneurial activities including IR Gallery, Art Conspiracy, and Pigeon-Stone Project to name a few.  In 2006, Semrad co-founded La Reunion TX, a non-profit org committed to creating an artist in residency program on 35 acres in Oak Cliff.   The mission has inspired a volunteer empire and collaborative conduit that is transforming our community through art and space. Sarah Jane and her husband – musician Paul Semrad – live in Oak Cliff with their two children. Semrad holds a BA in chemistry from the University of Dallas.

Craig Keaton

Craig Keaton founder The Movement

The Movement Founder Craig Keaton

…is a cutting-edge fitness and wellness strategist and co-founder of  The Movement Dallas. Inspired by a holistic approach to moving, eating, thinking and living his aim is to radically transform his clients’ lives. The Movement Dallas is making headlines with their organic co-op and recess classes.  Craig has studied in the fields of Biochemistry and Exercise Physiology, and holds a certificate in Corrective Exercise and Nutrition/Lifestyle Coaching with the world-renowned C.H.E.K. Institute. Most recently, Craig completed a 3-year hands-on education program devoted to pain relief and performance enhancement with Dr. Eric Cobb, the founder of Z-Health Performance Solutions.

Both speakers will present their business modes inspired by the 360 views in the tower.  Sarah Jane will speak about art, the community and the comprehensive approach of her nonprofit; Keaton will talk about health, community and the strategy behind his for-profit business.  Both are socially innovative and both are achieving positive impact.

Along with the speakers we will continue our speed networking activity and this time we plan to weave in conversation centers. If you’re interested in exploring a topic deeper, then let us know what’s on your mind.  There is a survey on the registration site where you can tell us what you are interested in and if you desire to lead the conversation. And of course we will have snacks and wine for you. We will be taking donations at the door to help cover costs.  It is a “pay what you can” policy, so no pressure.  However, we certainly appreciate any offerings.

Can’t wait to see you there.

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