bigBANG Spark Lounge Menu

Section of the Spark Lounge at the bigBANG on Thursday June 10

a corner of the Spark Lounge

Well if you didn’t get a chance to make it to bigBANG yesterday, no fear, we will be sharing everything we can get our fingers on right here.

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out this article in the Dallas Morning News today. It is a really good article.

I’m still working on a good summary of what all happened. It was immense and I spent most of the day in the Spark Lounge with Teri Walker, Cone Johnson, Turner Jones, Mikal Hughey, Jasmin Brand, Tyler Fields, Sarat Nidasanametla and Lacy Mahone so I’m collecting details from our organizers and volunteers.

The Spark Lounge was probably the coolest place to be at the bigBANG. We had comfy chairs, air conditioning and brilliant minds talking about everything from Facebook to The room was set with all those experts as a place where the attendees could come and get one on one time to talk about a range of subjects. After the jump, you can see the menu of topics. The discussions ran the gamut from “How do I use twitter” to “How do I integrate my social media with my company’s other marketing” and much more.

Spark Lounge Menu

1. Why the web? – Internet 101

2. The Blogosphere

3. Twitter – what did you have for breakfast?  Why care

4. Facebook – promote your cause, tell your friends! Fan page vs. groups

5. Job Hunting in the sector

6. Micro financing for Good

7. Collective need/Collective Giving


8. A channel of your own – Setting up a You Tube channel

9. Leveraging LinkedIn

10. Google beyond the search – Tools for communications, analytics, web sites, design and more

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